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There Are Only 2 Types Of Lawyers:

“Happy lawyers,” who help form and restructure business entities, assist with acquisitions, contracts and other transactions, prepare estate plans, and get invited to their client’s open house events. Their clients bring them plates of cookies and other tokens of appreciation.

Scott is the “other kind” of lawyer.

Clients bring him frantic phone calls, tears, fears, and anger. He’s a trial lawyer.

If you need to see Scott, you have been wronged or someone is accusing you of wronging them. Winning a lawsuit or criminal case is fun for him, but staying out of a lawsuit or out of jail is better for you. The focus of Scott’s posts, whether via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or this web page, is to hopefully help you avoid having to pay him a visit.

Our office serves trial attorneys, not litigators. A litigator is just a plea-mill lawyer, who might send the client a fancy brochure, take a little bit of money, show up to court a couple times, do virtually no work on the case, and then convince the client to take a plea. 

That's Not The Way We Do It.

A trial attorney prepares a client's case with an eye towards trial. Meaning an investigation of the client’s case, gathering information from witnesses, obtaining and reviewing police reports, thoroughly researching the applicable law, filing and arguing motions, and otherwise spend the time necessary to evaluate and prepare for the case.

Then they inform the client about what options are available, including trial, and we work to resolve the case in the clients favor.

Meet Our Office's Attorneys

Scott W. Swanson


Scott is a Minnesota attorney who helps people with legal problems including criminal defense, civil rights, and litigation. 

He’s also a dad, husband, lawyer, hockey fan, golf-junkie, Bloom County fan, lover of lawyer-movies, and likes to read and fish


Law School: St. Louis University School of Law – J.D. 1993

Undergraduate Study:  University of Minnesota – B.S. 1990

Minnesota Locations Of Practice:

Woodbury, St. Paul, Minneapolis

Hastings, Hennepin County

Ramsey County, Washington County

Dakota County, Anoka County

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Licences & Court Admittance:

Licensed To Practice In The State Of Minnesota - 1993

U.S. District Court, D. Minnesota - 1994

U.S. District Court, W.D. Wisconsin - 2007

U.S. District Court, S.D. Indiana - 2005

U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Cir. - 2004

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